Testimonials from Our Clients

Since 2008, our organization has grown and changed substantially. Without PLG’s guidance, this transition could not have been as successful. Their work focused on leader, team and organizational assessment and development and included succession development to help the department develop core competencies so people are ready when new assignments come along. Additionally, PLG provided executive leadership coaching, team coaching, and organizational effectiveness oversight on various committees and task forces. If your team is going through similar growth changes, I would HIGHLY recommend Priority Leadership Group as a partner to guide you through these changes and challenges successfully.

Chris Gaucher, Director, IT Cyber Security and Information Assurance, Research University

When we streamlined our 100 person department to better focus on the customer, Sheila helped our leadership team execute with clarity and precision.

Joe LoPiccolo
Executive Director, Information Technology Naval Postgraduate School

We have all taken workshops on what it means to listen, and deliver what a client truly needs. Sheila takes listening to a new level. She is able to dial in exactly what is at the heart of my needs as a business owner of a small company. Her experience and knowledge leads the way while she offers me direct advice and process on what my next steps should be, and what follow up is necessary. There have been times when her predictions of outcomes were spot on, and had I listened to her at the outset, my business would have been saved hours of time and dollars. I trust her completely and I highly recommend her.

Kathy Schipper
Principal and owner, Schipper Design

Sheila was extremely customer-focused and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve desired results. She demonstrated flexibility as requirements changed throughout the project. She was an excellent listener and gave a lot of thought to the issues at hand. She met every deadline without fail.

Val Moule
Manager of Distance Learning, NPS.

I have worked all over the country and find CA employment requirements to be especially challenging. Sheila is an expert – plus, she has great overall HR experience and knowledge. I think one of the things that sets her apart is that she is focused on building capabililty and capacity rather than just advising what you need to do. She is a problem solver and a critical thinker and is very proactive – often spotting potential issues and helping you address them before they can become problems that affect the business.

Sherry Sybesma
Principal and owner, Schipper Design

Sheila was a peer of mine at the Prints Plus corporate office in the 90’s. She was an excellent resource, a great sounding board, and a skilled human resource advisor during a period that saw my department staff grow from three individuals to twenty-five. Sheila was both professional and approachable and always eager to help. During my eight years at Prints Plus, there were only a couple of individuals that provided a level of reliable support equal to Sheila’s.

Gary Kruse
Director of Design and Construction, Prints Plus, INC.

At the time I began my Multi-Unit Leadership career in the mid 90’s, Sheila was my Human Resource Manager who helped guide me through the leadership skill set required for a District Manager. Her mentoring and communication skills were inspirational to me and I still utilize those concepts in my leadership role today. Although her title at the time was HR Manager, she held many roles for me and the field that she oversaw. Sheila was a Leader, a Mentor, a Teacher, and a strong business partner you could count on to provide you with the tools for success.

Jim Saitow
District Sales Manager, Prints Plus, INC

I find Dale not only to be a professional business expert, but also an intuitive business coach. His perceptive manner often cuts through tot the root cause/effect of a business challenge. Not only did he help me and my business grow but also worked with me through employee issues, which often can be a distraction.

Carla Kell-Smith
CEO C. Kell-Smith & Associates

Sheila and I served together for many years on the board of Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Council. Sheila was a tireless advocate for the organization and a thoughtful contributor to strategic discussions; she helped lead the council through a number of challenges (including executive leadership issues) after a merger with another council. I was particularly impressed with her organizational skills and her use of data to help coach and develop leaders.

Cynthia Vernon
VP of Programs, Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sheila has provided outstanding services to our organization. She has assisted with organizational needs assessment, design and implementation of employee and management level training programs, facilitated large scale change efforts, executive leadership coaching, and succession development. She is a pleasure to work with and has helped us achieve our organizational objectives in every area we have asked her to help with.

Alan Pires
Director of Enterprise Information Systems, IT Dept., Naval Postgraduate School.

Sheila provided our 20 person financial lending office with Executive level HR guidance on an as needed basis. Sheila’s ability to provide HR support and candidate assessment services was invaluable. She really took the time to get to know our company and make sure that the services she provided were tailored to our needs. Her attention to detail and timely responses to all inquiries allowed for a seamless process even though our HR department (Sheila) was offsite.

David Clark
Director of Operations, Holmgren & Associates Mortgage Lending
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