How We Work

What’s It Like To Work With Us?

When you work with us, you will find we approach the work from a collaborative perspective, because if you, the client, don’t own the problems and the results, the problems are destined to return.

We will ask lots of questions about you, your business, and your issues. We will request a realistic and thoughtful analysis of your challenges and your role in them. We expect you to be candid with us and to avoid the inclination to filter or color the facts.

We expect to establish a collaborative partnership. The responsibility for what is planned and takes place has to be balanced – 50/50. While it might be tempting to bring in an “expert” (80/20) or a “hired hand,” (20/80) lasting, sustainable change in performance comes directly from taking responsibility for the outcomes.

We will ask for complete access in order to collect data from multiple sources and we’ll present you with our findings, clearly and simply. While we won’t sugar coat or delay bad news, we will show tact and kindness if it’s going to hurt. Once we collaboratively decide on the next steps, we will keep you informed and provide on-going feedback.

We find that regular, two way communication builds trust, minimizes misunderstandings and is a reflection of being part of your organization’s inner circle. We don’t believe in surprises.

We will be really flexible – Different clients need different things. One size does not fit all. We custom design the project to produce sustainable results for your organization with the least amount of struggle.

You can expect to work with a partner and trusted advisor you can rely on, and who will help you to effectively navigate the complexities of the workforce environment. Sensitive employee situations will be handled effectively and quickly, without negative residual effects.

Our Guiding Principles

Here are some of the principles upon which we operate. Do these principles resonate with you?

The key to commitment is involvement. When people have a chance to influence decisions that have a direct impact on them, they will be motivated to exert the effort to make things work.

Making decisions based on principles, not conditions, builds trust and integrity.

Any company can become a great place to work. If you do what it takes to get there, you’ll be rewarded with employees who are highly productive, conscientious and provide exceptional customer service.

We must diagnose before we can prescribe. Using objective data and data about how individuals feel, eliminates a major cause of confusion, uncertainty and resulting inefficiency in problem solving.

Everyone’s radio is set to WIIFM. People need to see “what’s in it for me” if they are to apply themselves when nobody is watching.

Employee retention requires concentrated, deliberate action. It also requires humility and the absence of arrogance.

Sheila was extremely customer-focused and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve desired results. She demonstrated flexibility as requirements changed throughout the project. She was an excellent listener and gave a lot of thought to the issues at hand. She met every deadline without fail.

Val Moule
Manager of Distance Learning, NPS.

I have worked all over the country and find CA employment requirements to be especially challenging. Sheila is an expert – plus, she has great overall HR experience and knowledge. I think one of the things that sets her apart is that she is focused on building capabililty and capacity rather than just advising what you need to do. She is a problem solver and a critical thinker and is very proactive – often spotting potential issues and helping you address them before they can become problems that affect the business.

Sherry Sybesma
Principal and owner, Schipper Design
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