Strategic Execution

Doing the “right” things–not just the urgent things that present themselves to you day-in and day-out, involves periodically pulling away from the day-to-day barrage of seemingly important activities and focusing on what you committed to as your priority.

Always returning to your foundation: your mission, vision and values, then developing a strategy for getting there.

Priority Leadership Group will help you implement the ideas by applying your strategic plan and reap the outcome through action–of your successful execution!

I find Dale not only to be a professional business expert, but also an intuitive business coach. His perceptive manner often cuts through tot the root cause/effect of a business challenge. Not only did he help me and my business grow but also worked with me through employee issues, which often can be a distraction.

Carla Kell-Smith
CEO C. Kell-Smith & Associates

Sheila and I served together for many years on the board of Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Council. Sheila was a tireless advocate for the organization and a thoughtful contributor to strategic discussions; she helped lead the council through a number of challenges (including executive leadership issues) after a merger with another council. I was particularly impressed with her organizational skills and her use of data to help coach and develop leaders.

Cynthia Vernon
VP of Programs, Monterey Bay Aquarium.
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