Consultative Coaching

Sounding Board to leaders on key decisions and directions
1:1 coaching for improved personal effectiveness

We help C level managers, Executive Directors, and Board Chairs develop the leadership skills and compass you need to energize and engage your teams, with 1:1 support, focusing on building strengths for all aspects of your job as leader.  In senior leadership and group planning meetings, PLG uses action learning methodologies to facilitate breakthrough results in alignment with the vision.

Executive/Management Coaching Program : Key management and executive employees who are off track are provided 1:1 coaching and continue to flourish with the organization when they commit to make adjustments.

Sheila was a peer of mine at the Prints Plus corporate office in the 90’s. She was an excellent resource, a great sounding board, and a skilled human resource advisor during a period that saw my department staff grow from three individuals to twenty-five. Sheila was both professional and approachable and always eager to help. During my eight years at Prints Plus, there were only a couple of individuals that provided a level of reliable support equal to Sheila’s.

Gary Kruse
Director of Design and Construction, Prints Plus, INC.

At the time I began my Multi-Unit Leadership career in the mid 90’s, Sheila was my Human Resource Manager who helped guide me through the leadership skill set required for a District Manager. Her mentoring and communication skills were inspirational to me and I still utilize those concepts in my leadership role today. Although her title at the time was HR Manager, she held many roles for me and the field that she oversaw. Sheila was a Leader, a Mentor, a Teacher, and a strong business partner you could count on to provide you with the tools for success.

Jim Saitow
District Sales Manager, Prints Plus, INC
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