Employees follow leaders who communicate their elevated purpose.

Recently I attended the Women’s Leadership Forum by the Santa Cruz Chamber, and spoke at the Women’s Leadership Retreat sponsored in part by Agforce Staffing. At both events, the speakers shared the importance of following and sharing your passion.  They also walked their talk by sharing how they came to the point of speaking on Advancing Women, clearly a passion for all of them.

Your elevated purpose comes from your values and principles.

What gets you angry or frustrated…enough to act on it and do something? Why does one thing make you boil and something else not faze you? Because when someone messes with your sense of right and wrong…something you truly believe in, you react with emotion. And emotion drives motivation/action. So what do you believe in strongly enough to act? Is it about justice? ignorance? inequity? helping others find solutions?

When you communicate from your heart, you will get results

Brent Filson, author of The Leadership Talk: the Greatest Leadership Tool, looks at it this way

  • The best way to have people get results is not order them, but to motivate them
  • Motivation is physical action. Motivation is not what leaders do to people, but what people do to themselves.
  • Motivation is triggered by emotion.
  • Motivation happens best through face to face speech.

From Christine Pelosi to Mary Hughes to Margaret D’Arrigo to Patty Fernandez: each one of these women spoke from the heart about Advancing Women. I, for one was motivated by their passion. Thanks to them, I have written my first of many blogs.

Stay tuned for more tools to help you get results through good leadership.

How have you gotten results? Tell us your story.